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On November 9, 2018, the One Million Lights Youth Branch organized their second fully independent fundraiser: Illuminate. Illuminate was a dinner concert which featured 14 talented student performers from ISM who danced, sang, and played their musical instruments for an audience of over 150 people. The fundraiser took place at and was catered by the Manila Golf Club. Raffle prizes were sponsored by Swatch and the Seda Hotel, among others. The sound and lights system was sponsored by Lica Corporation. The event took a few months to plan, and was able to raise around P450,000 (around 9,000 USD)! These funds will be allocated to the distribution of lights to off grid communities.

We’d like to thank our volunteer performers for their time and effort: Liz Sunga, Lexi St. Laurent, Kang Hee Huh, Byeong Lee, Soungil Yang, Joachim Rillo, Kim Rush, Misaki Kanamori, Yvonne An, Seamus Morrison, Erica Bertacca, Elise Epperson, Joaquin Jimenez, and Margaret Nethercott.

We’d also like to thank our student volunteer coverage crew, who handled photography and video making: Lucas Tan, Ari Turalba, Nushi Sharma, and Lauren Zhou.

See performer videos on our new YouTube channel:

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