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Sitio Irid, Brangay Daraitan,Tanay Rizal

For the ISM Youth Chapter's second face to face distribution, a team of 12 ISM volunteers travelled outside the city to Sitio Irid in Tanay Rizal last November 5, 2022. To get to the distribution site the team experienced riding on a balsa raft to cross a river and shortly after rode in tricycles.

Upon arrival, the Youth Chapter received a warm welcome from the community. As usual, members of the ISM Youth Chapter in terraced with the members of the community by teaching them how to use and care for the lamps. A total of 24 solar headlamps were distributed to 24 households.

Many Thank to our members, One Million Lights Philippines, the Sitio Irid Community and Masungi Georeserve for making this distribution possible.

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