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WEBINAR: Sustainability in the Corporate World

On December 9th, 2021, we successfully hosted our very first webinar. Since COVID cases were high during the time, the event had to be held online on zoom. The event started at 4:00pm and lasted for approximately an hour. In total, more than 50 students attended.

Our guest speaker was Mr. Jay Soriano, the Vice-President and Head of Integrated Planning at the Energy Development Corporation. This firm is the world's 2nd largest geothermal energy producer.

The talk focused on a wide variety of topics pertaining to sustainability and the corporate world. Some topics included the pressures driving small and mid-sized businesses to track their social and environmental footprint, the new technology that has aided businesses in sustainable decision-making, and the detrimental impacts of climate change in our country's sustainable development.

"It was really informative," reflects Trixie Manaloto, a member of the Media Team. She continues to discuss how the webinar helped her understand how "something as small-scale as using solar lights could contribute in significantly developing our country's infrastructure."

ISM One Million Lights is planning to host future events and webinars in hopes in completely exploring the relationship of sustainability with our society.

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