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Masungi, Rizal

On June 4, 2022, 11 members from the ISM One Million Lights Branch travelled to Masungi, Rizal to distributes solar lights.

Masungi is a nature reserve that aims to preserve the Philippines's rich biodiversity. The reserve also has multiple hiking trails and is populated by rangers who take care of the forest. The ranger stations are usually made out of corrugated iron and are extremely isolated. Because of that, there isn't electricity at the area. The hilly nature of the site makes it especially dangerous to travel through during the dark.

The OML Team travelled early in the morning to get to the venue on time. Upon arrival, the Rangers taught the students about the history of Masungi and their overall goals. The team proceeded in their hike in the hilly trail. Along the trail, we stopped by a few ranger stations to distribute solar lights and instruct the rangers how to operate and maintain them.

Overall, the experience was educational and eye-opening. Alex, current Co-President of the ISM OML Youth Chapter, discusses how she felt there was "a huge gap between audience and social issue" when social issues faced in Masungi (such as illegal logging and resorts) are read only on the news. However, she believes that interacting with rangers has "really helped in bridging that gap"

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